Household Cleaning Products

Household Cleaning Products are an essential component of any cleaning routine. When used appropriately, they can help to quickly and thoroughly clean your space. With today's selection of products, it is easier than ever to find a chemical that meets your needs and the requirements of the job at hand. For example, if you need to clean hard surfaces, you might consider using a floor cleaner with a degreaser; or when sanitizing sinks and toilets, opt for a disinfectant product that includes bleach. Whatever type of cleaning chemical you choose, make sure to read the instructions carefully before use in order to ensure both safety and effectiveness.


Buy Cleaning Chemicals Online

The wide range of cleaning chemicals available from Citrus Cleaning Supplies covers just about everything you could ever need including floor cleaning, surface disinfecting and even specialist products such as those designed to clean graffiti or gum.

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Here at Citrus Cleaning Supplies, we offer a huge range of cleaning chemicals to make a huge range of cleaning jobs quick and pain-free. The range includes catering products, carpet & upholstery chemicals, deodorisers & fresheners, toilet & washroom chemicals and so much more.

Floor Cleaning Chemicals

The range available online from Citrus Cleaning Supplies includes a wide variety of floor cleaning products such as strippers, sealants, undercoats and more. There are floor cleaning chemicals available that are suitable for use on most types of flooring including hard floors, wooden floors, epoxy floors and stone flooring too.

Catering Chemicals

Keeping working kitchens clean and free from germs is absolutely crucial to any catering business. To help you achieve this, Citrus Cleaning Supplies offers a wide range of catering cleaning chemicals including kettle descalers, beer line cleaners, oven cleaners and detergents.


Keep tricky greasy surfaces clean and clear with the range of degreasers available from Citrus Cleaning Supplies courtesy of brands such as Virosol, Cleanbrite, Deb and Finito.

Drain Unblockers

A blocked drain is the nightmare of any kitchen or washroom. Keep the drains flowing freely with the range of drain unblockers available from Citrus Cleaning Supplies.

  1. Where and How Should Cleaning Chemicals be Stored?

    Cleaning chemicals must be stored in a cool, dry space that is accessible only to trained personnel. To prevent any health hazards or environmental contaminants, it is essential that chemicals are well labelled and kept out of reach of children. Storing them properly is also important as it prevents any chemical reactions between different items which could have unexpected and unwanted effects. Fumes from cleaning chemicals should never be inhaled for this reason too. Before beginning work involving any cleaning chemical, users should always check the product label and safety data sheet for guidance on safety measures when handling and storing the products. With proper storage precautions taken, users can use cleaning chemicals confidently and effectively in the knowledge that they are safe to use with no risk to health or environment.

  2. Are Cleaning Chemicals Safe?

    Cleaning chemicals are potentially dangerous when used incorrectly, which is why their use should always be done following manufacturer instructions. Nevertheless, many modern cleaning solutions have been produced to be as safe as possible for everyday use while still maintaining the necessary effectiveness. Making sure the space you're cleaning is adequately ventilated, working with rubber gloves and properly disposing of containers can all help minimize any risks associated with cleaning chemicals. Ultimately, knowledge and respect for the cautions in handling these products should help ensure a healthy environment regardless of how effective it needs to be.

  3. How to Dispose of Cleaning Chemicals Safely?

    Disposing of cleaning chemicals safely is an important yet often overlooked aspect of your home cleaning routine. To ensure your safety and that of the environment, there are a few important steps to observe. Firstly, make sure you keep hazardous materials in their original containers and out of reach from children and pets. Secondly, always read the labels on the container for the proper disposal instructions before throwing the products away. Finally, instead of pouring them down the drain or flushing them away, city-regulated collection centres are available for household hazardous waste such as oils, paints and other chemicals which can be disposed off using this method. Following these simple tips can lead to safe disposal processes that protect both yourself and the environment from potential harm.

  4. What Cleaning Chemicals do I need?

    Cleaning your home is an important part of maintaining a healthy, safe environment. To ensure that you are effectively tackling every mess and stubborn stain, it’s important to be familiar with the different cleaning chemicals available on the market. The basic necessities for any cleaning job include a bleach solution for sanitization, a multi-surface cleaner for everyday dirt and grime, as well as oven and tile cleaners for tougher jobs. Different surfaces may require different types of products, so it’s important to read the label carefully before purchasing any product to ensure that it is suitable for the material you are cleaning. Keeping a good stock of these trusted cleaning chemicals will make your regular cleaning routine more efficient and ensure that mishaps don't leave permanent damage to your home.