Rug Doctor Pro Carpet Cleaner x 5 ltr

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Manufacturer Number: 1013042
Brand: Rug Doctor
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  • Professional carpet cleaning solution
  • Cleans, deodorises and rejuvenates
  • Very economical
  • Lemon scented for a pleasant odour
  • Litres: 5l
  • Appearance: Cloudy liquid
  • Odour: Lemon

Professional grade carpet cleaning detergent for a deep clean of carpets. To be used in conjunction with the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro carpet cleaning machine when diluted to the appropriate ratio.

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Pro Carpet Detergent

For best results, pre-treat heavily soiled areas with Rug Doctor Pro Traffic lane Cleaner. Use Rug Doctor Pro Anti-foam if spray foam cleaners or shampoo have previously been used. Its 3 in 1 formula cleans, deodorises and rejuvenates carpets leaving them look spotless. Highly concentrated formula means you only need to use 1 part chemical to 100 parts water - extremely economical!

Directions for use:

1. First thoroughly vacuum the area.
2. Mix the Rug Doctor Pro carpet detergent with warm water - please see table below as the ratios
can differ depending on which machine you are using.
DO NOT use hot water and only use luke warm water
when cleaning wool carpets.
3. Apply a small amount of the diluted cleaning solution onto the affected
area and blot to check for colour-fastness.
4. Add the cleaning solution to the bottom blue tank.
5. Start cleaning using a Rug Doctor Pro machine.

All Rug Doctor Pro chemicals have the safety data information printed on the back or the reverse label for your convenience please click on the PDF tab if you would like to download a digital copy.

Apply directed as per Rug Doctor Pro cleaning instructions   

Dilution 100:1

Mighty Pro: 90ml detergent + 8.9 litres of warm water

NB: Use of this Rug Doctor Pro Carpet Detergent in a non- Rug Doctor Pro Machine is done at the risk of the user.

Product SpecificationProduct Specification
Manufacturer Code:1013042Capacity/Volume:5 l
Appearance:Cloudy liquidOdour:Lemon
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