Fine Touch 2Ply White Z-Fold x 3000

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Manufacturer Number: PHTZ2
Brand: Quattro
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  • Colour: White
  • Quantity: 3000
  • Made by Quattro
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Product DetailProduct Detail

Fine Touch 2Ply White Z-Fold x 3000

Designed to combine high volume use and high quality hand drying, allowing for maximum comfort and efficiency with its high absorbency and soft texture for any user.

  • Disposable product: Quick and easy handling, increased hygiene and reduced risk of contamination
  • Environmentally friendly: Made completely from recyclable materials and comes packaged in recycled packaging as well.
  • Paper sleeves: Perfect for holding paper towels in place.
  • Z-Fold interleaved: Allows for maximum hygiene.
  • Suitable for use with standard paper towel dispensers.

Ply: 2

Colour: White

Material: 20% recycled paper / 80% virgin paper

Sheet length (folded): 80 mm

Sheet length (unfolded): 230 mm

Sheet width: 230 mm

Product SpecificationProduct Specification
Colour:WhiteManufacturer Code:PHTZ2
Quantity:3000 Ply:2
Towel Type:Z-Fold
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Edwin Anthony

Fab service!