Virus Control

Virus Control

Taking precautions like wearing facemasks, encouraging social distancing, ensuring access to adequate supplies of hand sanitiser and keeping surfaces thoroughly disinfected can go a long way to helping to control viruses, including COVID-19.

That being said, there are a great deal of cleaning products and supplies available that aren't suitable for virus control. To help you find the best products to use, Citrus Cleaning Supplies has compiled a list of products designed to help limit the spread of viruses.

Hand Sanitiser and Wash

One of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of person-to-person infection is with good hand hygiene. Opting for hand sanitisers that contain a minimum of 60% alcohol will help to inactivate any viruses present.

Instant hand sanitisers and gels offer an easy way for individuals to sanitise their hands on the way in and out of rooms or buildings. These gels can be provided in bottles, wall mounted or in free-standing dispensing stations.

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Whilst studies into COVID-19 are ongoing, similar viruses have been proven to live on certain surfaces for a number of days. With cleaning and disinfecting, many viruses can be killed within minutes.

Like with hand sanitisers and gels, it is important to make sure that the disinfectants and surface cleaners used are effective against viruses. Hydrogen peroxide, alcohol solutions containing at least 70% alcohol and other purpose-made anti-viral disinfectants should all be effective cleaning methods.

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Face Masks

Current government legislation means that for many, it is mandatory to wear face masks when on public transport, in shops and restaurants, and many other public locations too. There are multiple types of face masks that can help control the spread of viruses, including disposable surgical-style face masks and reusable fabric face coverings.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is currently subject to government mandate in a range of situations. A range of products are now available to help encourage users to maintain the recommended distance from each other. Products such as floor mats, office screens, free-standing signs and even hi-vis vests can all be used to make distancing easier.

Room Foggers

When it comes to heavier-duty deep cleaning, room foggers can prove to be an effective disinfectant technique. Room foggers will disperse a disinfectant spray throughout a room quickly and easily.

For situations where a heavy duty fogging machine is impractical, Citrus Cleaning Supplies offer a range of canned antiviral room foggers. The V10 room fogger has been rigorously tested and is certified as being effective against enveloped viruses, including COVID-19.

Alternatively, battery-powered mist sprayers are available and designed for use in small to medium areas. For larger areas or rooms, heavy duty machine room foggers offer a large tank, extended reach misting guns and many more handy features.

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