Disinfectant & Cleaning Chemicals


Studies into how COVID-19 behaves on surfaces are still ongoing, however similar viruses have been proven to live on certain surfaces for a number of days. By regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, many viruses can be quickly killed, lowering the chances of infection. 

Alcohol Disinfectant

Like hand sanitisers and gels, the most effective surface disinfectants contain alcohol or strong bleaches. Chemicals that contain hydrogen peroxide, at least 70% alcohol or other purpose-made anti-viral agents should all be effective cleaning methods when tackling viruses.

Room Foggers

If a room needs a heavier-duty deep clean, room foggers can be an effective disinfectant technique. Room foggers can be used with disinfectant sprays to cover entire rooms quickly and easily. These foggers can be hand-held and battery operated or be heavy duty push along machines.

For situations where these aren't practical, Citrus Cleaning Supplies also offer a range of canned antiviral room foggers.