Virus Control Hand Wash & Sanitiser

Hand Wash & Sanitiser

Maintaining good hand hygiene is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of a virus, such as COVID-19, transmitting from person to person. Instant hand sanitisers and quick-drying gels are a great way for individuals to sanitise their hands regularly, for example, on the way in or out of buildings and rooms. 

Hand Sanitiser

According to scientific studies into the matter, to be effective against viruses, hand sanitisers should contain at least 60% alcohol to work effectively. This is because 60-95% alcohol content is required to inactivate viruses, including COVID-19. The vast majority of alcohol-based hand sanitiser gels contain ethanol or isopropanol, or a combination of the two. 

The downside to hand sanitiser is that it doesn't work quite as well on greasy, visibly dirty of sweaty hands, and a lot may be required to cover the entire surface area. It is also worth noting that repeated use of alcohol-based sanitisers can irritate the skin.

There are alcohol-free hand sanitisers available on the market, however the scientific evidence for whether or not these work as effectively varies.

Hand Wash & Soap

It is important that people regularly wash their hands with soap and water throughout the day. The detergents and surfactants in soap are naturally antibacterial and are designed to remove any bacteria and viruses on the surface of skin.

Generally speaking, both liquid and solid soaps will work in the same way, providing users wash their hands properly.


Businesses, retail stores and others can all benefit from the use of hand sanitiser dispensers. These can be used in the place of standard pump bottles at room or building entrances. Citrus Cleaning Supplies are proud to offer a range of hand sanitiser dispensers, including options on a stand, and and those designed for wall mounting too.